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What is MFIP and Pulse

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What is pulse fluctuation?

Pulse fluctuationisastronginterferencewavegeneratedwhen differentMedium-Frequencycomesacrossinbody.Itcandoubletheexerciseeffectbydeeperandwideraffectwhen exercise.

Mid-frequency Interval Pulse (MFIP)
Intermittent electrical pulses similar to a Shiatsu massage which facilitates increased blood circulation and promotes efficient skin collagen reproduction. Absorption of skin care products is enhanced compared to external application on cuticle layers.

Ultrasound pulse (UP)
Insert pulse: Deeply penetrating electrical pulses
EMS: Stimulates muscles for daily anti-aging care through alternating currents flowing through the 9-pole elements that create microwaves to train facial muscles cells for youthful radiance.
Medium and high frequencies: Increases metabolism and reduces wrinkles along the eyes, forehead, and smile lines.

High Mid-Frequency Interval Pulse (HIMFIP)
Enhanced combination of MFIP and UP technology.


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