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JK-039 MFIP+EMS+LED Beauty device

Product Detail

    5 Main Functions 

    • This certified beauty device is made of latest technology combining all treatments your facial skin needs  MFIP, EMS, SUP Ultra Pulse, LED and Ions

    Main Benefits

    • Remove acnes
    • Remove fine lines and wrinkles
    • Promote collagen  and elastin growth
    • Stimulate proteins and fibers absorption
    • Improve skin tone & textures
    • Lift and tighten the skin
    • Deeply cleanse all  pores dirts, oil, grease
    • Reduce melanin, blackheads

    MFIP (Mid frequency intermittent pulse )

    • MFIP is  very important for your skin collagen growth and elastic fibers, which will help incredibly tighten the skin.
    • Intermittently release super pulse current
    • Massage effect of tapping and patting of soothing muscles
    • Promote blood circulation, new cells activation, efficient collagen production and full skincare nutrients absorption

    EMS Micro current

    • EMS small electro currents activate the face muscle tissues very gently and stimulating the skin’s elasticity and suppleness. EMS burns fat and lots of calories by strengthening the muscles, reducing muscles pain and tension and eventually tightens the skin. 


    • Red light for removing wrinkles and fine lines 
    • Green light for repairing cells, whitening and brightening skins
    • Blue light for repairing acne prone skin

    SUP Ultra Pulse Electroporation Introduction Mode ( Combination of all functions) (EMS + intermittent pulse + RF medium & high frequency waves) 

    • Electroporation introduction pulses imports high-molecular beauty proteins + EMS muscles lifting + medium & high frequency waves - activation of cells
    • UP stimulates all of those 3 important functions in youthful skin beauty, simultaneously output from 10 massage heads. 
    • Promote very fast collagen and elastin growth. 

    +/- ions 

    • Using positive ions to penetrate deep into the skin and draw out the toxins. The stimulus of negative ions deeply massage face muscle. 

    How to use

    • Pair with your favorite  essence or serum or cream or moisturizing mask. Gently massage with circling motion and swirl in to out and lift it.
    • Long press the power button to turn on/off and 1 short press the power button will change the mode MFIP, EMS and SUP. 
    • Next button is to adjust levels. There are 4 levels for each mode. Long press of this button is to change the LED treatments for different results red, green, blue or all three lights on or all three lights flashing.  




    • Don’t use longer than 10mins. Perfect timing always results in keeping perfect skin hydration. 
    • Choose one mode treatment a day everyday. Don't try to use every mode in the same day. 
    • Metal touch sensor strip on the head and on both sides, when in use, your hands must hold the touch sensor on both sides so that the ion function work accordingly.


    • Frequency: 8000 rpm
    • Battery Capacity: 1000mA
    • Input Voltage: DC 5V
    • Smart timing: 5minutes  
    • Charging time: 3hours
    • Charging Current: 480mA


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