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807pcs Nano LED Photon Therapy Beauty Mask/LED Facial Glowing Mask

Product Detail

    NANO LED Face Mask Light Therapy, LED Light Therapy Facial and Neck Skin Care Mask, Blue Light Red Light for Acne Wrinkle Reduce, New Generation Face and Neck Photon Mask

    1.Demountable Magnetic Neck Base for Neck Care
    2.807 pcs LEDs, much more quantity than others for stronger LED energy
    3.Transparent window design for eyes view
    4.Built-in rechargeable battery
    5.20 Minutes Timing
    6.Touch Operation
    7.Type-C Charging cable so that you can use the normal mobile charger

    Blue Light Acne Sterilization/Anti-Bacterial

    Treats mild to moderate acne
    Kills bacteria
    Reduces enlarged oil glands
    Deeply cleanses the skin
    Red Light Face Lifting
    Stimulates collagen production
    Reduces lines and wrinkles
    Tightens and firms the skin
    Increases blood circulation
    Heals the skin
    Promotes skin rejuvenation
    Orange Light Complexion Perfector

    Eliminates acne scars  Reverses sun damage and signs of  hyperpigmentation  Inhibits melanin growth  Soothes the skin  Reduces melasma


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